Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

[IMAGE]: Announcing the "Buy a Pack, Give a Pack" initiative

This holiday season, we'll match every purchase "pack for pack"
with a donation of FreshPaper to a local food bank,
beginning with those in communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Friends of Fenugreen,

Today, we're excited to announce the "Buy a Pack, Give a Pack" initiative.

For every single pack of FreshPaper purchased this holiday season - from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day - we'll donate a pack to a local food bank.​

We've always hoped that one day, we would be able to get FreshPaper to those who need it most, and thanks to your support & encouragement, we're now on our way. We're so grateful to each & every one of you.

One by one, sheet by sheet, we're getting closer to "Fresh for All."
Thank you so much.

(...or, Find a Store near you!)

As we sit down for dinner, we're reminded of how fresh food brings people together - wishing you & yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

The Fenugreen Team

[IMAGE: Sheet by sheet, we're getting closer to "Fresh for All"]