Friday, September 7, 2012

FreshPaper + Oprah!

One year ago, we launched FreshPaper at our local farmer's market in Cambridge, MA. We can't believe how much has happened since then -- thanks to you, what started with a few sheets of FreshPaper that day has turned into a movement.

It's amazing to see FreshPaper spreading from region to region across the country (and the globe!), simply because so many of you are reaching out to your local stores...We're excited to announce that, next week, FreshPaper will launch across the entire Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic region (all stores in DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky & New Jersey).
We're getting closer to "Fresh for All," but we're still just getting started! Here's what's fresh @Fenugreen:
FreshPaper in the News!
Last week, we received an incredible surprise...
Fenugreen FreshPaper in Oprah Magazine
FreshPaper is now a part of Oprah’s Fridge Diet (“The best non-diet diet tip we’ve ever heard”) -- focused on how the way you store your food can change the way you eat!

It means so much to us that so many of you have shared FreshPaper with your friends & family...the Fenugreen story is spreading, and has recently been featured by:

FreshPaper in The Huffington Post     Fenugreen FreshPaper in Whole Living  Fenugreen FreshPaper in Treehugger  Fenugreen FreshPaper featured by Smithsonian Blog        Fenugreen FreshPaper featured by Organic Authority   Fenugreen FreshPaper featured by Washington Post & Tory Johnson from
                                                          Fenugreen FreshPaper
We're also excited to see FreshPaper featured on major blogs including:
Gizmodo, PSFK, Do the Green Thing (UK), Design to Improve Life (Denmark), KLAT Magazine (Italy), Love Green (Germany), This Gives Me Hope (Canada), Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Technology Exchange Lab, & BioCycle World

We've been amazed by the response, and we're working around the clock...building a new online store to handle the traffic, and sending FreshPaper out to folks everywhere. (Just this morning we sent out shipments to New Zealand, Japan & South Africa!)

Towards "Fresh for All"...
A major report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council caught our attention last week -- the NRDC found that an astonishing 40% of food is wasted each year in the United States. With the average American losing $30-$40 a month, simple measures to reduce food waste could go a long way. In fact, reducing consumer waste by 25% could save enough food to feed half of those going hungry in the US every day.

Shortly after, the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) issued an appeal to reduce food waste to save water resources around the world. As SIWI Executive Director Torgny Holmgren explained,"More than one-fourth of all the water we use worldwide is taken to grow over one billion tons of food that nobody eats."

Food waste is a massive global challenge, but it's one that each of us can begin addressing at home. With your help, we're getting closer to bringing FreshPaper to those who need it most -- "Fresh for All."

The Fenugreen Team