Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fenugreen at the Boston Local Food Festival, Boston Waterfront at Fort Point Channel

Last weekend, we attended the Boston Local Food Festival, an amazing event featuring locally grown and sourced dishes (just $5 or less) by some of the best restaurants/chefs in Boston, live entertainment, food sampling, craft beer tastings, and DIY demos.  

It was exciting to introduce Fenugreen FreshPaper to so many new folks!

We also heard some incredible testimonials from happy users of FreshPaper! Here's one:
"I used FreshPaper on spinach, lettuce, and cilantro -- I just dropped into the bags, and it kept everything crisp and fresh for days...I've never been able to finish a bag of spinach completely before!"



We had a great time hanging out with the Harvest Co-op folks and meeting many co-op members (and Fenugreen users)!

Only regret that we didn't get to sample more of the delicious local treats...already looking forward to next year. See you there!