Sunday, October 10, 2010

A trip to Hediard: Paris, France

Today we arrived in Paris for the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards week! 

First stop: Hédiard, a magical food emporium. 

Visiting grocery stores in different countries has always been a hobby (still waiting to go to Whole Foods in Austin!) but nothing could prepare us for the incredible sight that is entering Hédiard's flagship store in Place de la Madeleine, Paris.

Fresh produce is displayed like jewelry, raspberries sparkle like gems alongside exotic fruits like mangosteens and rambutans.  

Ferdinand Hédiard, the founder of this chain of gourmet stores, is credited with bringing the first exotic food items such as bananas and mangoes to the Parisian market. He started out selling produce in 1854 from a cart near the Place des Victoires, and after a few years, purchased a store in place de la Madeleine, which is still the Hediard flagship store that we visited today.

From its grand entrance...

to its gem-like displays of fresh fruit...

Hediard is a temple to food.


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