Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swissnex Global Pitchfest

Last week, we were invited by Swissnex Boston (the Consulate of Switzerland) to participate in the Global Pitchfest and "pitch" Fenugreen in one minute or less. This was our first time ever pitching the concept of Fenugreen. We were excited, (and a bit nervous) to share our idea with everyone...

Swissnex is an amazing organization that was founded by the Swiss government to foster innovation and connectivity in science, education, and art. Swissnex has outposts all across the globe - in San Francisco, Singapore, Bangalore, Shanghai, and of course Boston (Cambridge, to be exact).

Swissnex sponsors many events to facilitate connectivity within the entrepreneurial community, including the Global Pitchfest - which invited 40 teams (20 local entrepreneurs from Boston, and 20 from the Swiss National Startup team) to pitch their ideas in only 60 seconds...  The Grand Prize, selected by the audience, is a trip to Switzerland.

The Swiss National Startup team consists of the 20 most promising venture leaders in Switzerland, who go through intensive training in Switzerland and a "boot camp" in Boston, culminating in the Global Pitchfest. Switzerland may be the only country in the world that has a "national startup team" (complete with matching "uniforms")! We were very impressed by the creativity and inventiveness of the venture leaders as they pitched their ideas.

This year's Global Pitchfest took place in Microsoft's N.E.R.D. (New England Research and Development) Center, right on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge. A techno-swank venue with a breathtaking view of downtown Boston...

One by one the teams got up on stage for their 1-minute pitches in front of an audience of 200-300 investors and entrepreneurs.

...And we were incredibly surprised to find out that the audience voted us as the Grand Prize winners of the 2010 Global Pitchfest!

 It was such a fun event, and we are so lucky to have met so many members of the Boston entrepreneurial community, Swissnex, as well as the Swiss National Startup Team. We are very excited about the trip to Switzerland!